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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today on Clegg and the media, James Murdoch and Ukip leaflets.

1. These Shameful Attacks on Clegg Will Backfire

Iain Dale says that the "disgraceful" attacks on Nick Clegg by the right-wing press will only increase his popularity.

2. How did Murdoch get into The Indy's inner sanctum?

How did James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks get into the Independent's offices? Gary Gibbon has the answer. You can bypass security if you are already paying a visit to the adjacent Daily Mail offices.

3. Can Labour stay in the government if it comes third?

Over at Next Left, Stuart White draws a distinction between the Lib Dems propping up a Labour government which lacks legitimacy, and a genuine coalition of the left.

4. UKIP compares immigration with oppression of Native Americans

Will Straw reports on a shocking Ukip leaflet which compares UK immigration to the plight of Native Americans.

5. Marmite and the BNP: love them or hate them, they've added a new taste to the election

The Guardian's Simon Jeffery blogs on the fact that Marmite owner Unilever is taking legal action against BNP over the party's use of a jar in an online party broadcast.


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