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Labour’s car crash poster launch

Party gets positive in new posters but launch is overshadowed by car crash.

Labour Poster 1

Here are two of the new posters that Labour has unveiled this morning as we enter the final week of the campaign. You may laugh and say that the message is that only a child would vote for Labour, but it's a relief there's nothing here to match the Gene Hunt debacle.

The posters focus on Labour's promise to protect front-line spending on policing and schools, to protect child trust funds, to protect child tax credits and to protect the two-week cancer guarantee (you can see the full set at LabourList).

Labour Poster 2

But, as Channel 4's Gary Gibbon reports, the party's attempt to get positive was marred by a car crash right outside the venue, a painfully appropriate metaphor for Labour's campaign. There were no injuries, but the crash caused a "distracting loud bash" in the middle of the presentation.

As ever, with Labour understandably keen to avoid bankruptcy after the election, you won't be seeing these posters around the country.

UPDATE: The BBC has footage of the moment the crash happened.

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