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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on Chris Grayling, grey marginals and TV debates.

1. Where's Chris Grayling? Tories fail to learn Letwin's lesson

Following his gay rights gaffe, Chris Grayling is nowhere to be seen, writes Sunder Katwala. But after hiding Oliver Letwin away in 2001, the Tories should have learned to avoid this risky approach.

2. The grey marginals

Over at PoliticalBetting, Scott Davidson looks at the impact that "grey marginals" could have on the general election.

3. General Election 2010: Who's in charge?

The Telegraph's Benedict Brogan asks who will run the country while the politicians fight it out on the campaign trail. Is the government or the civil service in control?

4. Top Tory's VAT plan would leave poorest 30 per cent worse off

Boris Johnson's deputy, Kit Malthouse, has proposed replacing all direct taxes with VAT. But, says Will Straw, such a policy would hit the poorest families with a 30 per cent tax hike.

5. Are we mistaken about TV debates?

We all assumed that the party leaders' debates would improve accountability, but were we wrong? asks Daniel Finkelstein. If they come at the expense of big TV interviews, the public may end up with less information.

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