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The five must-read blogs from today on Paxman's Cameron interview, immigration, and Ukip's stance on

1. So what should Paxman ask Cameron?

Next Left's Sunder Katwala lists some of the questions that Jeremy Paxman should ask David Cameron on Friday including: "how much of your manifesto Margaret Thatcher would disagree with?"

2. Volcanic ash: the UK Independence Party weighs in

The Economist's Charlemagne challenges Ukip's claim that "EU regulations" will force airlines into "bankruptcy" following the disruption caused by the volcanic ash.

3. Is a myth being created about the impact of the debate?

Over at Political Betting, Mike Smithson questions what is fast becoming accepted fact: that the two-party fight became a three-sided contest only after last Thursday's debate.

4. Brown snaps over expenses repayment claim

Channel 4's Gary Gibbon reports that Gordon Brown has taken a swipe at Sir Thomas Legg over his expenses repayment demands.

5. How the right hijacked immigration (and how to deal with it)

The curious belief that immigration is somehow to blame for people's day to day problems has become pervasive, and must be contradicted, says Adam Ramsay at Liberal Conspiracy.


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