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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on climate change, abortions and health care.

1. Miliband ads "don't go far enough", says Green leader

Left Foot Forward's Shamik Das reports that the Green Party leader, Caroline Lucas, has said that the climate-change ads banned today actually understate the danger of global warming.

2. Now the Poles are nicking our abortions

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Unity debunks the Daily Express's latest scaremongering anti-foreigner headline. How many Polish women really have come to the UK for an abortion? Not many.

3. Past elections and stock-market jitters

The FT's Alex Barker posts a chart of reactions by the financial markets to the past nine elections. After the 1974 election produced a hung parliament, UK equities plunged by 18 per cent.

4. Demons and demonisation

Those who attack Barack Obama for "demonising" insurance companies ignore that they do, in fact, commit many sins, writes Paul Krguman.

5. Cameron -- back to the heir to Blair?

Over at Independent Minds, Michael Savage says that David Cameron's PMQs tactics are increasingly reminiscent of Tony Blair's.

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