Tory lead falls to just 2 points

The 2 per cent lead is joint lowest since December 2008.

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Latest poll (Sun/YouGov): Labour 10 seats short of a majority

The latest daily YouGov poll is out and it doesn't make good reading for the Tories. The poll puts them down 1 point to 36 per cent, with Labour up 1 to 34 per cent. The 2 per cent lead is the lowest we've seen since the Sunday Times/YouGov poll last month which gave the Tories their shortest lead since December 2008.

If repeated at the election on a uniform swing, the figures would leave Labour just ten seats short of an overall majority.

It's important to point out that almost all of the fieldwork for the poll took place before today's Budget. The Tories won a significant poll boost from last year's statement and I'd be surprised if they didn't gain another this time round. They'll certainly need one to settle the growing jitters at Tory HQ.

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Labour 31 seats short of a majority

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The section on climate change has already disappeared from the White House website

As soon as Trump was president, the page on climate change started showing an error message.

Melting sea ice, sad photographs of polar bears, scientists' warnings on the Guardian homepage. . . these days, it's hard to avoid the question of climate change. This mole's anxiety levels are rising faster than the sea (and that, unfortunately, is saying something).

But there is one place you can go for a bit of respite: the White House website.

Now that Donald Trump is president of the United States, we can all scroll through the online home of the highest office in the land without any niggling worries about that troublesome old man-made existential threat. That's because the minute that Trump finished his inauguration speech, the White House website's page about climate change went offline.

Here's what the page looked like on January 1st:

And here's what it looks like now that Donald Trump is president:

The perfect summary of Trump's attitude to global warming.

Now, the only references to climate on the website is Trump's promise to repeal "burdensome regulations on our energy industry", such as, er. . . the Climate Action Plan.

This mole tries to avoid dramatics, but really: are we all doomed?

I'm a mole, innit.