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What David Cameron used to think about Budget deficits

His 2006 blast over "Budgets raided to solve financial deficits".

Interesting post by David Blackburn over at Coffee House. He begins by digging out a YouTube clip of Tony Blair's savaging of John Major pre-1997 (echoes of today's PMQs, apparently) but then gets sidetracked by a more recent clip, below, of a 2006 exchange between Blair and David Cameron on NHS spending. Blackburn notes:

The first two minutes of the clip reinforce just how complicit the Conservatives were in Brown and Blair's free-for-all. Cameron was aghast that "Budgets were being raided to solve financial deficits".


According to one of the comments left over on the Speccie:

Watching this clip reminds of the huge trap Labour and Blair laid for the Tories about huge Budget increases -- and any reduction in those Budgets was painted as a savage cut by the "nasty party".

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