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Political correctness: a defence

Watch Mehdi Hasan put the case for political correctness against Ann Widdecombe.

If you've got a spare moment, I'd really recommend watching this debate on political correctness at the Cambridge Union.

Our own Mehdi Hasan, the Times's David Aaronovitch and English PEN's Robert Sharp argue for the motion that "Political correctness is sane and necessary" against a triumvirate of right-wingers including Ann Widdecombe.

What's most satisfying about the debate is that, contrary to the right's depiction of liberals as po-faced and humourless, it's the proposition that turns out to have the better arguments and the better jokes.

Watch this and never be left grappling for a reply against a reactionary Mail reader again.

PS: I should add that the proposition, of course, carried the motion by 221 votes to 177.

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