Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on "Cash Gordon", French socialism and Stephen Byers.

1. Conservative Party "Cash Gordon" campaign was designed by US anti-health care lobbyists

Political Scrapbook reveals that the Tories' flagship campaign is currently hosted alongside those attempting to "rescue America from government-run health care".

2. Who will take on the vincible Monsieur Sarkozy?

Following the success of the Socialist Party in the recent French regional elections, Next Left's Sunder Katwala looks at runners and riders for the PS's presidential nomination.

3. Public "not facing up to" spending squeeze

Over at Left Foot Forward, Will Straw blogs on a poll that shows a strong belief in universal service provision and a preference for efficiency savings.

4. The Liberal Democrat general election prospects: what does history say?

Recent electoral trends suggest that the Lib Dems will increase their share of the vote and their share of seats in the Commons, says Liberal Democrat Voice's Mark Thompson.

5. Who is worse for Labour: Stephen Byers or Tony Woodley?

Some in Downing Street now believe that the MP lobbying scandal is doing more damage to Labour than the British Airways strike, writes Patrick Wintour.

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