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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on Cameron's hypocrisy, Budget poll slumps and US health care.

1. The hypocrisy of Cameron's attack on "vested interests"

David Cameron's recent attack on elite interests ignored the thousands the Tory front bench has received from top financial firms, says Left Foot Forward's Will Straw.

2. On Budget bounces . . . and Budget slumps

Ahead of Alistair Darling's big day, UK Polling Report's Anthony Wells looks at how previous Budgets have affected Labour's poll ratings.

3. Budget 2010: Tories ask public for help analysing small print

Hot on the heels of Cash Gordon is the latest Tory new media project. Simon Jeffery explains plans to post the Budget on the Conservative website and ask members of the public to analyse it.

4. In defence of Hoon and Morgan

Last night's Dispatches did not have either Geoff Hoon or Sally Morgan bang to rights, argues Daniel Finkelstein.

5. US health-care aftermath: lessons for UK politics

Over at Progress, James Plunkett says that Barack Obama's experience with health-care reform should teach Labour to be more confident in attacking the Conservatives.

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