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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on another Tory selection disaster, Brown's future and the Sun.

1. Marginal seat left "without functioning Conservative Association" after latest selection disaster

Political Scrapbook reports on trouble for the Tories in Hyndburn, Lancashire, where the entire local leadership has resigned in protest at a selection shortlist imposed by Conservative Central HQ.

2. Will Labour let a defeated Brown carry on?

Over at PoliticalBetting, Mike Smithson reckons he'll now win his bet on Gordon Brown remaining Labour leader into 2011.

3. If Gordon Brown's predictions are anything to go by . . .

Elsewhere, the Telegraph's Ben Brogan posts a video of Brown from Election Night 1992 in which the future PM claims the Tories have lost.

4. This is very interesting

Penny Red blogs on the "Give Your Vote" campaign, in which people who do not plan to vote can sign up to receive notification of how one real person in Ghana, Bangladesh or Afghanistan would vote in their place, giving a voice to those affected by British foreign policy.

5. Was it the Sun wot lost it?

Rupert Murdoch always likes to back a winner, but has he got it wrong this time? The FT's Alex Barker looks at how the Tories' poll ratings have fallen since the Sun defected from Labour.

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