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The five must-read posts from today, on Haiti, taxing the poor and stop-and-search

1. How will they count the dead in Haiti?

Slate's Juliet Lapidos explores where death estimates for natural disaster come from.

2. Why won't the two main parties do anything about the madness of taxing the poor?

Norman Tebbit says that only one party leader -- Nick Clegg -- has recognised the need to devise a tax system that makes work pay.

3. How many of these will be MPs after the election?

PoliticalBetting's Mike Smithson looks at how many independent MPs we can expect to see after the general election.

4. Veronica Wadley: a competitor emerges

Dave Hill blogs on the emergence of Robert Taylor, chief executive of Kleinwort Benson, as a candidate for the London chair of Arts Council England.

5. The futility of terrorism-related stop-and-search

Andy Hull of IPPR blogs on stop-and-search in the light of the European Court of Human Rights ruling on the matter.


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