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The five must-read blogs from today, on poll ratings, Jonathan Ross and Cameron-graffiti

1. How does Dave compare with Maggie and Tony?

Mike Smithson at PoliticalBetting compares pre-election poll ratings for opposition leaders, and reflects on what this could mean for the coming election.

2. The government is smaller than the right admit

Think tanks such as Policy Exchange misuse one metric -- the spending/GDP ratio -- to present a false picture of how much of what we do is actually state-determined, according to Giles Wilkes at Liberal Conspiracy.

3. Jonathan Ross did the right thing in resigning -- for the BBC and for himself

Emily Bell says that while the BBC will say it is sorry to lose Jonathan Ross, it won't be.

4. EXCLUSIVE: Charles Clarke faces possibility of deselection vote

Iain Dale reveals that Charles Clarke's local Labour Party is unhappy with his campaigning against Gordon Brown, and could push for a deselection vote.

5. Yet another Cam poster . . .

That 15-foot-wide Cameron poster continues to run and run. Paul Waugh posts a photo of a defaced billboard.


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