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The five must-read posts from today, on Afghan polls, free speech and the poverty/parenting debate

1. Sarah Palin: news anchor

At Comment Central, Hattie Garlick offers us some vintage footage of Palin pursuing her vocation.

2. Kinnock warns of potential dangers of opposition infighting

Alex Smith at LabourList quotes advice from a man who knows.

3. No escape for Cameron on importance of poverty

At Left Foot Forward, Will Straw takes his lead from Polly Toynbee's column attacking David Cameron's comments on parenting/poverty, and looks in-depth at the Demos report Building Character.

4. Islam4UK ban: a sensible step or a defeat for pluralism?

Michael White explores the moral issues around the ban, saying that while he believes bans should be avoided, you have to draw the line sometimes, if only to make a point.

5. Listening to Afghanistan

The Bleeding Heart Show asks: how much weight should we give to opinion polls as a measure of the success or validity of a military campaign?


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