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The five must-read posts from today on Damian McBride, Haiti and racism

1. Damian McBride returns -- briefly

Benedict Brogan at the Telegraph reports that Damian McBride has been at an internal BBC event today, and is predicting a hung parliament.

2. Strike one for patriarchy: Manchester gang rapists acquitted over victim's fantasies

Penny Red blogs on a recent legal ruling, and the anti-woman culture that predominates in rape cases.

3. Help Haiti

Left Outside gives some context to refute Pat Robertson's claim that the earthquake in Haiti is a punishment from God. It also gives a list of aid agencies working in the country.

4. Labour should get on the right side of the alcohol debate

Tom Harris says that minimum pricing of alcohol won't work and urges Labour to shun this strategy.

5. Is it the end of racism?

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Sunny Hundal praises John Denham for arguing that race now affects an individual's opportunities less than class and gender. But he warns that parts of the right are still willing to play the race card.


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