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The five must-read posts from today, on elitism, social mobility and Kaminski

1. The brazen cheek of brazen elitism

Dave Osler argues that the Tories' latest education proposals miss the point. So long as the rich can buy their children one-way tickets to guaranteed privilege, the system will remain unfair.

2. Are these now going to get really squeezed?

PoliticalBetting's Mike Smithson considers the latest polls and says support for minority parties finally appears to be falling. He predicts that the Tories will be the main beneficiary.

3. Labour should stand up for egalitarianism, not social mobility

Over at LabourList, Rebecca Hickman says that the government must realise that social mobility is at odds with core Labour values of equality, co-operation and inclusion.

4. Cameron: some of the charges against Kaminski are "absolutely not true"

Left Foot Forward's Shamik Das reports that David Cameron has again defended Michal Kaminski over allegations of homophobia. But he reveals that Kaminski's Law and Justice party is planning a new crackdown on gay websites.

5. Save general election night: the saga continues

The Labour MP Tom Harris offers an update on the Commons campaign to make sure election night runs to order.


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