Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read posts from this weekend, on prisons, equality and TV debates

1. Is Murdoch planning to sell the Times?

Sunny Hundal blogs at Liberal Conspiracy about a tweet that has set the rumour mill turning.

2. In praise of Alan Duncan

At the Bleeding Heart Show, Neil Robertson discusses penal reform after Alan Duncan said that the "Prison works" slogan is "repulsively simplistic".

3. Learning the lessons of the Dems' defeat in Mass

Incumbents heading for elections on both sides of the Atlantic can learn from Martha Coakley's defeat, says Marcus Roberts at Left Foot Forward.

4. New Labour and the "good society"

Dave Semple at Though Cowards Flinch analyses Harriet Harman's speech on equality from a socialist perspective, arguing for a shift of power from state to people and for the strengthening of unions.

5. Are the debates looking less likely?

At PoliticalBetting, Mike Smithson blogs about rumoured disagreements over audiences for televised pre-election debates.

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