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The five must-read posts from today, on Sky, polls and schools

1. Ofcom ruling on Sky will test Cameron if Tories win

At Left Foot Forward, Joy Johnson says that Ofcom's plan to force Sky to drop the price it charges rival broadcasters for its sports channels will test the strength of the unholy alliance between David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch.

2. Will the polls be right?

UK Polling Report's Anthony Wells responds to Julian Glover's Guardian article and says that he expects the polls, as in 2005, to predict the correct result.

3. How to get better teachers: accept bigger class sizes

On the Wall Street Journal blogs, Iain Martin says that the Tories need to make it clear that hiring the best graduates as teachers involves accepting bigger class sizes.

4. The ubiquitous face of David Cameron

Jim Pickard of the FT's Westminster blog reveals that at least 50 Tory candidates are gathering this afternoon to pose for photographs with David Cameron for their campaign literature. The story is another sign of the party's overdependence on Cameron, he says.

5. Alternative Vote: busting a myth

Over at LabourList, Michael Calderbank says that Labour would gain, not lose seats, under the Alternative Vote system.

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