Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including predictions for 2010 and a poll boost for Caroline Lu

1. Iain Dale makes ten predictions for 2010 and forecasts that Ed Miliband will replace Gordon Brown as Labour leader, Britain will lose its AAA credit rating and Jeremy Paxman will take over as host of Question Time.

2. The Green Party's Derek Wall reports on an ICM poll suggesting Caroline Lucas will win in Brighton and become the Greens' first MP.

3. As President Obama prepares to spend New Year's Eve in Hawaii, the Huffington Post's Bill Lucey looks at how former presidents have seen in the new year.

4. Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Dave Osler attacks the authoritarian right for calling for new curbs on civil liberties in the wake of the bombing attempt on Flight 253.

5. Liberal Democrat Voice's Mark Pack wonders what role the "worm", an instant poll tracker, could play in the party leaders' live TV debates.


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Tory Brexiter Daniel Hannan: Leave campaign never promised "radical decline" in immigration

The voters might not agree...

BBC Newsnight on Twitter

It was the Leave campaign's pledge to reduce EU immigration that won it the referendum. But Daniel Hannan struck a rather different tone on last night's Newsnight. "It means free movement of labour," the Conservative MEP said of the post-Brexit model he envisaged. An exasperated Evan Davis replied: “I’m sorry we’ve just been through three months of agony on the issue of immigration. The public have been led to believe that what they have voted for is an end to free movement." 

Hannan protested that EU migrants would lose "legal entitlements to live in other countries, to vote in other countries and to claim welfare and to have the same university tuition". But Davis wasn't backing down. "Why didn't you say this in the campaign? Why didn't you say in the campaign that you were wanting a scheme where we have free movement of labour? Come on, that's completely at odds with what the public think they have just voted for." 

Hannan concluded: "We never said there was going to be some radical decline ... we want a measure of control". Your Mole suspects many voters assumed otherwise. If immigration is barely changed, Hannan and others will soon be burned by the very fires they stoked. 

I'm a mole, innit.