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Return to Gaza, political predictions and more . . .


In our first issue of 2010 (which confusingly is on London news-stands today, elsewhere from tomorrow, but has a "4 January 2010" cover date) we look back at the war in Gaza 12 months on.

Donald Macintyre goes inside the Strip, a territory still under siege, while Richard Goldstone -- author of the UN's Gaza report -- insists: "I'm certainly a friend of Israel."

Elsewhere, there is a forensic piece by Peter Kellner, who tells Labour optimists to get real. James Macintyre plays fantasy politics and looks back at a dramatic 2010 in Westminster. And John Pilger examines Barack Obama's Orwell complex.

Finally, James Crabtree says 2010 will see the "rise of a genuinely powerful, left-wing blogosphere", ready to take on "the Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United of British politics" (aka Iain Dale, Guido Fawkes and ConservativeHome).

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The NS Podcast #215: Election Special

The New Statesman podcast.

Join us for the New Statesman on-tour election special! As the polling day approaches, our team of politics writers regale Stephen Bush with news of their travels around the country. From Dover to Derby North, and from St Ives to Sheffield Hallam, via Birmingham, Belfast and Vauxhall - listen in for the interviews and insights near you.


Quotes of the Week:

Anoosh Chakelian on Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam: "Alot of people I spoke to were saying, 'Well, he went into coalition and he broke some promises, but he's been punished enough.'"


Caroline Crampton on Dover: "I found a lot of people who are not voting at all, or are voting for UKIP, or have voted for UKIP and are now going to vote Conservative."


Jonn Elledge on monkeying around in Hartlepool: "My understanding is that [the monkey mascot] never expected to win. I think he ran as a novelty candidate and then found himself mayor and ran Hartlepool for ten years."

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