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US Press: pick of the papers

The ten must-read opinion pieces from today's US papers.

1. Medicare reform: This could work (Los Angeles Times)

The Wyden-Ryan proposal brings innovation to the market without dismantling the federal program, as this Editorial argues.

2. Farewell 2011, You Will Not Be Missed (Weekly Standard)

What a waste of a year. What a year for doing nothing and going nowhere, writes Jay Cost.

3. Newt Gingrich is right - about Ron Paul (Washington Post)

Jonathan Capehart doesn't think much of Newt Gingrich- but the former House speaker said something to CNN's Wolf Blitzer yesterday that he agrees with 100 per cent.

4. Payroll tax holiday - quick fix, long-term burden (San Francisco Chronicle)

Washington needs to come up with a more forthright way to pay for this tax break for 160 million Americans, according to this Editorial.

5. Perry Changes Anti-Abortion Stance to Include Incest (Slate)

The Texan says he has had a "transformation" and now thinks abortion is wrong in all cases, Josh Voorhees writes.

6. ObamaCare's Latest Casualty (Wall Street Journal)

Ben Nelson's announcement yesterday that he'll retire next year still amounts to the moral equivalent of an election defeat, according to this Editorial.

7. The GOP's Answer to Union Money (Wall Street Journal)

Achieving parity with the Democrats in campaign spending would be no small feat. Yet it appears possible, writes Fred Barnes.

8. The hard task of coming home from war (Denver Post)

Jason Crow has not stepped foot in a combat zone in years, but like many veterans he feels that he can finally begin the process of coming home.

9. Politics 2011: Cain to Weiner (Washington Times)

Emily Miller scours Google's Zeitgeist list, which shows what Americans discovered this year.

10. Long time coming for mercury rules (Denver Post)

Until now, the U.S. essentially had no federal limits on certain toxic pollutants from power plants, reflects this Editorial.