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US Press: pick of the papers

The ten must-read opinion pieces from today's US papers.

1. Fill in the Blanks (New York Times)

Why does Obama let his critics define him, asks Bill Keller.

2. Can Obama calm Democratic panic? (Washington Post)

Democrats are anxious about the 2012 elections, says E.J. Dionne Jr.

3. Nine weeks and shrinking ... (Chicago Tribune)

This editorial notes that tax reform may be the only deficit reduction plan Washington can adopt this year.

4. Changing the direction of U.S.-Pakistan relations (Los Angeles Times)

The US treats Pakistan as an instrument for fighting or spying on neighbouring territory. George Perkovich says that that has to change.

5. How the US funds the Taliban (Boston Globe)

Juliette Kayyem argues that linking military planning to a strategy to build up the Afghans has created an extortion racket.

6. At last, an end to "don't ask" (Denver Post)

This editorial criticises last-minute attempts to keep the misguided law alive, and urges that legalizing gay marriage be next up.

7. The Bleeding Cure (New York Times)

Paul Krugman argues that austerity is inflicting vast pain now, and killing our future, too.

8. Bachmann irresponsible on vaccine (USA Today)

Presidential candidates get megaphones, says this editorial -- but there's an implicit requirement to be careful.

9. At the Pentagon, the specter of a sequester (Washington Post)

Congressional spending cuts loom large, says George F. Will.

10. The truth about evangelicals (USA Today)

Progressive Jews are unfairly demonizing conservative Christians, says Mark I. Pinsky.