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US Press: pick of the papers

The ten must-read opinion pieces from today's US papers.

1. In the Land of Denial (New York Times)

Republican presidential contenders who regard global warming as a hoax do not offer the leadership that the nation needs to address climate change, posits this editorial.

2. Can Truman Strategy Work for Obama in 2012? (Roll Call)

President Barack Obama's re-election prospects look dimmer by the day, so -- absent an economic turnaround -- he's likely to try to win in 2012 the way Harry Truman did in 1948: by blasting Republicans, argues Morton M. Kondracke.

3. Elephant rides should be a thing of the past (Los Angeles Times)

Elephant rides are a tradition at the L.A. County Fair, says this editorial, but it's one tradition the fair should abandon, both for the animals' and the public's sake.

4. Haiti's Needless Cholera Deaths (New York Times)

The United States and allies need to work with the Haitian Health Ministry to wage a more aggressive effort to contain the cholera outbreak, states this editorial.

5. Reality check for the euro (Washington Post)

This editorial finds that the financial crisis reveals the limits of European unity.

6. The constitution and pensions (Detroit Free Press)

An editorial pieces searches for fair tax treatment.

7. Focus on deficits worsened job woes (Omaha World Herald)

Last Friday brought two numbers that should have everyone in Washington saying, "My God, what have we done?", writes Paul Krugman.

8. How 9/11 Transformed the Intelligence Community (Wall Street Journal)

James R. Clapper finds it's no longer about 'need to know'; American's guiding principle is "responsibility to share".

9. Drum major for accuracy (Boston Globe)

The truncating and paraphrasing of a quote by The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on the wall of the new King Memorial is an unfortunate mistake. The architect and planners should either make room for the full quote or find a shorter substitute that they can use in its entirety, writes this editorial.

10. American family is frayed, but united (USA Today)

In the decade since 9/11, our nation has raised fists while joining hands, says Bruce Kluger.

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