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US Press: pick of the papers

The ten must-read opinion pieces from today's US papers.

1. Obama's tax plan is common sense, not class warfare (Washington Post)

Eugene Robinson argues that Obama's proposal to boost taxes for the wealthy by $1.5 trillion over the next decade is a good first step toward reform.

2. Politics takes priority in Obama's deficit plan (USA Today)

With Republicans rejecting any large-scale compromise, says this editorial, the point now seems to be political positioning for the 2012 elections.

3. Obama, Boehner ultimatums get us nowhere (Chicago Tribune)

The two most visible figures in the U.S. debt crisis are busy playing 2012 politics, says this editorial.

4. Obama Rejects Obamaism (New York Times)

The president cannot transcend himself. It's back to politics as usual, says David Brooks.

5. Obama's tax plan reflects reality: rich are getting richer (Boston Globe)

This editorial calls for a debate about an economy that allows some to amass unimaginable wealth, while tens of millions of others struggle to earn a middle-class living.

6. The 'Buffett rule,' and more (Los Angeles Times)

The GOP should look to the lesson of the 1990s, when Washington's efforts to trim the deficit contributed to a booming economy, says this editorial.

7. Our Hidden Government Benefits (New York Times)

The threat to democracy today is not the size of government but rather the hidden form that so much of its growth has taken, says Suzanna Mettler.

8. Doctors' salaries - America's medical markup (Star Tribune)

This editorial points out that health care costs more in the US because, well, doctors charge more.

9. Why we don't just 'let them die' (USA Today)

Lewis Simons says that events at last week's GOP debate spark the question: what kind of country is this?

10. A Romney-Perry foreign policy debate? (Washington Post)

Romney, Perry should debate national security, says Marc A. Thiessen.

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