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US Press: pick of the papers

The ten must-read opinion pieces from today's US papers

1. The Palestine's Bid (The New York Times)

This editorial says that President Obama was right to stand with Israel. Now he has to push from a fair deal with the Palestinians.

2. Obama' steel deficit(The Washington Post)

On the grand bardain, his sin was timidity, not zeal, says Fred Hiatt.

3. Perlis of the PTSD defense (Los Angeles Times)

Caution should excersiced when Post-traumatic defence disorder is used as a defence in criminal cases, says this editorial.

4. Don't blame men for TV time travel, like new shows Playboy Club and Pan Am (Chicago Tribune)

Don't blame men for the representation of women on today's television programmes, says Meghan Dunn.

5. Abbas' bid for statehood will hurt Palestinians (USA today)

The Palestinian President will formally ask the U.N Security Council for Palestinian state hood today. But this editorial says the bid will hurt the peace process.

6. Bed, breakfast and beyond the pale (Chicago Tribune)

Eric Zorn says that tolerance and freedom need more statutory backing

7.Return of the real Obama (The Washington Post)

Obama has returned to his social democratic vision, according to Charles Krauthammer.

8. Regulation is the key to food safety (The Star Tribune)

Michelle Bachmann is wrong to criticise food regulations, says this editorial.

9. Can't keep a secret (The New York Post)

Julian Assange has got a lot of nerve to complain about an unauthorised autobiography, according to this editorial.

10. Beavers, Collins, Murphy, Sims and Steele (New York Times)

The actions of five leading democrats show little concern for anyone apart from themselves, says this editorial.

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