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Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

New Statesman

1. The problem with unions is they're not strong enough (Guardian)

Trade unions are subject to hysterical abuse, but they are essential to democracy, equality and economic recovery, writes Seumas Milne.

2. Draghi alone cannot save the euro (Financial Times)

The ECB has done what it can and has won some time but the main challenge remains, says Martin Wolf.

3. Dastardly plots and stalking Borises – blame yourself, Dave (Daily Telegraph)

Much of the trouble is a by-product of the economic pain that could cost the Conservatives the next election, writes Benedict Brogan.

4. If Romney risks nothing he will win nothing (Times) (£)

The Republican challenger must channel the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt if he is to win over crucial swing voters, says Daniel Finkelstein.

5. We need a new mindset on mental health (Financial Times)

On pure investment grounds, we should do much more about our wellbeing and that of our children, says Richard Layard.

6. Hijacking Olympic glory for political gain is dangerous (Guardian)

I love sport, but the media's pop psychology and UK politicians' bellowing patriotism has cheapened the athletes' achievement, says Simon Jenkins.

7. Will they get justice at last? (Independent)

Nothing can undo the disgraceful cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster, says James Lawton.

8. Bigotry, insults and Nick Clegg's true agenda (Daily Mail)

In an unguarded moment of frankness, Nick Clegg has revealed his true feelings about opponents of gay marriage, says a Daily Mail editorial.

9. The Netherlands gets ready to turn left (Guardian)

But, unlike in France, this Dutch political shift won't mark a turning point against austerity measures, says Chris Aalberts.

10. Britain was free, but we Tories were done for (Daily Telegraph)

Exit from the ERM saw the party spiral into a cycle of reprisals that almost destroyed it, writes Daniel Hannan.