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The five must-read blogs from today, including how not many people avoided the 50p tax.

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1. Not many people avoided the 50p tax

Contrary to Osborne's rhetoric, the vast majority of high earners paid the required amount of tax, writes Kiran Stacey at FT Westminster.

2. Ed’s funding proposals: Nearly but not quite

Miliband's refusal to accept an “opt-in” option for affiliated union members has left the Tories a critical opening, writes Peter Watt at Labour Uncut.

3. Could Cameron catch a cold in the mayoral referendums?

The PM could be damaged if more than half of the cities vote "no" on 3 May, says Mike Smithson at PoliticalBetting.

4. Boris retains poll lead – but 78% believe he is Mayor for the rich

Voters agree with Ken's plan to cut fares but don’t believe it will happen, notes Mark Ferguson at Labour List.

5. David Gauke quietly benefits amid the Treasury's troubles

The Exchequer Secretary is now the man wheeled out to explain difficult or controversial bits of economic or tax policy, notes the Telegraph's James Kirkup.

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