Headline of the Week!

And a brilliant boy called Boris

This needs very little introduction.

Aliens Live Among Us

Thank you, Pravda, for lightening my days. Especially with this massive find in the form of 13-year-old Boris.

At the same time the boy's parents noticed that he knew about things nobody told him about. For example, he would sit in the lotus position and tell people unbelievable details about space, planets and other intelligent civilisations.

Good old Boris. And excellent use of the word "unbelievable" there. I mean, I reckon you could ask most children and they'd tell you pretty unbelievable things about space, planets and other intelligent civilisations. But maybe Boris has a rather more convincing air about him. Most impressive. Maybe he should give lessons to his namesake in Blighty.

Sophie Elmhirst is features editor of the New Statesman

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Word of the week: Owened

Each week The Staggers will pick a new word to describe our uncharted political and socioeconomic territory. 


In a week where Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election for a second time, the word of the week is:

Owened (verb)

To be totally publicly humiliated.


Jonn Elledge


"LOL, Owened."

"Corbyn totally Owened Smith when it came to the Isis question."

"You thought you'd win, but you were Owened."

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