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Not so spooky

All the way from Transylvania . . .

So, you're going to have to bear with a few slightly wayward leaps of logic here . . .

I was thinking Hallowe'en, then vampires, then Transylvania, and ended up in North Carolina reading the Transylvania Times. Which, all things considered, is not very haunted or frightening or ghoulish at all. It does, however, have a picture of pumpkins on a lawn (with news of a pumpkin sale at a local church). So that's topical. But then if you scroll down further you basically enter a whole LIST of contenders for headline of the week. I mean we have: "Dinner Raises Money" followed by "Zoning District Is Taking Shape" followed by the earth-shattering "Animal Shelter Meeting Planned" and "Rain Not As Heavy, But Snow Possible" and then the tantalising "Could This Dog Win $1 Million"? Well, could it?!

It's a turbo-charged, adrenalin-fuelled roller-coaster of an editorial roster.

But hang on a second. What's this? Original Transylvanians Visit Namesake??

This is so exciting! Transylvanians the world over are uniting! Now if that's not a Hallowe'en-appropriate message, I don't know what is.




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