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Fun in the pun

Top Gear, eat your proverbial heart out

First up, pun action.

Van-cy a trip? Van-tastic voyage. Just TWO of the excellent puns to be found in this story from New Zealand about two blokes driving a van (who would have guessed) across the Cook Strait. (An amphibious transport story can never have enough puns.)

But this is not just a tale of boating larks and derring-do. Hell no. Says Dan, one half of the van-driving duo: "We are definitely pretty stoked. It [the crossing] has got to be up there. She's pretty high in New Zealand achievements." Really Dan? What about Everest, or Lord of the Rings, or rugby? They're sort of OK as massive global triumphs go. But, having said that, did any of these great events/people/achievements allow for the following to take place?

By 6.27am, each had their first beer in hand and breakfast was being prepared.
"Mint mate . . . we might have a sneaky pie heated on the exhaust."

Clearly not. So, for the pie on the exhaust alone, I eat my words. This is great. Oh, and Dan's message to the youth of today?

Get off the PlayStation and go and turn something into something stupid.



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