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Stop the press!

Forget party conferences, the real stories are in Fuerteventura

You know something's up when the name of the newspaper starts with "Sunny".

As in, Sunny Fuerteventura. What if it's not sunny? I can't believe it's sunny every single day in Fuerteventura. On the rainy days the newspaper's name will just seem like a jaded, cynical barb. "Oh yeah, sunny Fuerteventura. Because it's so sunny here."

I probably didn't need to spell that out.

Anyway, I suspect Sunny Fuerteventura struggles to find stories at the best of times. And perhaps the summer months were particularly tough for the newshounds. But this story really stretches the concept of "news" to its outer limits:

40 attended this weekend's free kitesurfing course

Forty?! Kite-surfing?! FREE?! There's a lot there. But what I love about this piece is the true attention to detail. No stone has been left unturned:

Attendees were divided into two groups, half on Saturday and half on Sunday, to participate in an introductory session to the sport which focused mainly on teaching the assembly and tuning of all equipment . . .

I mean, at least we know now, you know? The truth, the facts, the story behind all those rumours, the endless hearsay.


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