Is it funny?

The eternal question

To TURKEY! In honour of the world's tallest man, who has apparently come here looking for love, God help him.

So I thought we could go to Turkey looking for . . . something funny in a newspaper.

What about this?

What I really, really like about this cartoon from Cihan is that essentially you can't see it, so they have to write out what the characters -- a donkey and a deer -- are saying to each other. If it's funny, it's funny in a rather lugubrious way. But I quite like that.

So, in answer to my own headline: yes, it is funny. Also, if you like this there are lots more brief conversations between the donkey and the deer on the site. They all have the same brand of pretty heart-rendingly bleak humour, in the best possible way. Check it out.





Sophie Elmhirst is features editor of the New Statesman

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New Digital Editor: Serena Kutchinsky

The New Statesman appoints Serena Kutchinsky as Digital Editor.

Serena Kutchinsky is to join the New Statesman as digital editor in September. She will lead the expansion of the New Statesman across a variety of digital platforms.

Serena has over a decade of experience working in digital media and is currently the digital editor of Newsweek Europe. Since she joined the title, traffic to the website has increased by almost 250 per cent. Previously, Serena was the digital editor of Prospect magazine and also the assistant digital editor of the Sunday Times - part of the team which launched the Sunday Times website and tablet editions.

Jason Cowley, New Statesman editor, said: “Serena joins us at a great time for the New Statesman, and, building on the excellent work of recent years, she has just the skills and experience we need to help lead the next stage of our expansion as a print-digital hybrid.”

Serena Kutchinsky said: “I am delighted to be joining the New Statesman team and to have the opportunity to drive forward its digital strategy. The website is already established as the home of free-thinking journalism online in the UK and I look forward to leading our expansion and growing the global readership of this historic title.

In June, the New Statesman website recorded record traffic figures when more than four million unique users read more than 27 million pages. The circulation of the weekly magazine is growing steadily and now stands at 33,400, the highest it has been since the early 1980s.