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Oh the larks

This looks like an incredible amount of fun, if you like water slides

Which I do! (Like water slides.) Although I don't really like risking my life that much. But what the heck? Essentially, if you did this successfully you'd be under the impression you were immortal, so that would make up for the terrifyingly close brush with death you'd just experienced. Anyway, enough existential analysis of something very simple and fun. Thank you, Germany.


Does it throw a dampener on the whole thing to discover that it's a Microsoft viral campaign? Yes and no. Initially, yes. But then, once you've watched it again, a big fat NO. Watching a nutter splosh into a paddling pool does not, strangely enough, make me want to dress myself from head to toe in Microsoft products (although I'm imagining this now: PowerPoint presentations dangling from my ears, dress made out of Microsoft Office CDs, hat of Excel spreadsheets perched on my head).

I digress. The point is, I thought a big watery ramp might be the best possible way of signing off for a week. I'm going on holiday. While away, I intend to: a) construct a record-breaking water slide for my own amusement and b) spend at least 70 per cent of the time contemplating my impending doom. Oh, happy times!

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