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Cult classic

Is it a film? Is it a dance? No it's a Bulgarian cult!

Hello again! I have survived the water slide. But enough celebration; now down to business.

News from Bulgaria of a celebration on the first day of the new divine year (who knew?). The White Brotherhood (such a shame from a PR point of view) has been doing the dance of Paneurhythmy or "supreme cosmic rhythm". MJ must be looking down gleefully. Apparently the White Brotherhood are a peace and nature-loving bunch, but as the pictures on Oddly Enough suggest, they also have a penchant for synchronised dance routines and questionable hats. It looks like a more sinister (only slightly) version of Mamma Mia!.

Anyway, cults from round the world. A new favourite theme in the offing, I think. A rather grisly list can be found here. Any others to be aware of, just in case?

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