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Get fat fast!

Only read this if you want to simultaneously salivate and feel very sick

Why, I ask you, do you need bread when you can have chicken?

That is the searching question being posed to us by KFC today. The Vancouver Sun has revealed the new brainchild of the world of fried chicken:a "sandwich" containing bacon, cheese, sauce and TWO PIECES OF BREADED CHICKEN instead of bread to hold the whole merry creation together.

Farewell waist, farewell arteries, you shall be morphed into a sweaty compendium of glistening fat. But all hail the guys at the Sun, who have done some maths and roughly worked out that the Double Down (for that is the name of this new culinary delight) is probably more calorific than three Big Macs put together. But the might of KFC PR came roaring back: "It looks like when you guys ran your numbers, you included the numbers for two Original Recipe breasts (chicken on the bone). This product uses Original Recipe fillets." Shame on them and their number-running. The new, official numbers? A mere 31g of fat per Double Down. It's practically one of your five a day.




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