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Peach Fanta. At Last!

Warning: this will make you feel sick

You've been waiting for this. What I'm about to tell you is going to REVOLUTIONISE soda fountain technology. At last! I hear you cry. I have been waiting for the soda fountain to catch up with the iPhone, the satnav, the automobile (in the words of our dear friend Leon Hale). So, here it is: Popular Science magazine brings us news of... the Coca-Cola Freestyle which uses machinery "originally developed for dialysis and cancer treatments" to create fantasy soda cocktails as yet untasted. I mean, FINALLY, they are putting that dialysis technology to use.

Also, have another look at that genius first line:

If you never thought that soda machines would adapt to the high-tech world, think again.

It's true! I never thought it possible. I thought soda machines would go the way of video players and mini discs and collapse into a pit of backward irrelevance. But I have thought again, I have been taught a lesson. This is progress.

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