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Fizzy milk, anyone?

Hold on to your hats/stomachs: more innovation from the guys at Coke

Coca-Cola is right at the top of the corporate hilarity chart right now. Last week we had Peach Fanta et al and now there's a minor storm over Coca-Cola's latest creation, Vio, "the world's first vibrancy drink" currently being trialled in three US cities. Ah, the vibrancy drink, how we have missed you. Vio's website seems to sell its product a little short though. One of the little floating bubbles squeaks:

It kinda tastes like it should be wrong but it's oh so right.

Ah. Not massively instilling confidence there I'm afraid. So, inspired by the wordsmiths at Coke, a new quest to find the most misguided and inappropriate marketing slogans in the world. Send them in...

Some thoughts to kick us off. The Royal Bank of Scotland: Make it happen. (Make what happen exactly? A huge bail-out?)

And Fannie Mae: Helping You (Really? Helping?)

And some more to help you on your way...



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