Murdoch-watch: how the mogul's papers are covering today's row online

It's been a bad day for the Tories -- and the police

It is perhaps unsurprising that the News of the World is not covering today's drama in the Commons over the phone tapping scandal engulfing the paper, even though its website has a rolling news service for the week as well as on Sundays.

Slightly less excusable is the fact that the Sun isn't touching it either, at present. Its political editor was in the press gallery for the Commons exchanges however, so we can assume it will be covered in tomorrow's paper, to be fair.

Only the Times has a piece on it, albeit one relegated below the news that Tony Blair is pulling out of a book signing later this week.

As the papers work out how to cover this story, Tory press officers are meanwhile asking journalists "how bad" it is.

The first day back after the summer for MPs has -- for the first time in recent memory -- been a decisively bad one for the Tory party, the Murdochs and the police.


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