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Mitt Romney on China's moon mission.

I know the Chinese are planning on getting to the moon, they are actually working very hard to get a rocket to the moon, they will get there I'm sure, congratulations, and when they do they will find an American flag that has been there for 43 years.

Mitt Romney taunts China over its efforts to land on the moon.

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stands in front of his campaign bus. Photograph: Getty Images.
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The NS Podcast #112: Going Underground

Are women-only carriages the way forward?

This week, we explain why we're backing Tessa Jowell as Labour's candidate for London mayor, talk women-only carriages on the tube, and speak to Tom Shone about Woody Allen. (Caroline Crampton, Barbara Speed, John Elledge, Stephen Bush, George Eaton).

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