£500 to be won!

Come on! Nominate the geek in your life!

It's surprising, but very few people have noticed that this year that there is £500 to be won within one of the award categories.


There is £500 just waiting to be given to a Young Innovator out there. We thought we’d be inundated with entries but so far it looks like James Wheare is going to have all the cash unless some more people get nominated.

Now as a moderator it’s nice to think that I might not have to spend as much time on one category puzzling over who should win - and I am sure James would love not to have any competition - but I can’t believe that there are no other developers in the UK who are doing cool things and are who are under 25 years old. So, mums, dads, grannies, grandads, friends, fellow students, colleagues, this is a call to you to nominate the geek in your life, and to give them a chance at gaining some recognition and may be even some money.

Go on! Make the judges lives a little harder.

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