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Where is Alistair Darling?

Labour has missed a trick in not deploying the Chancellor at the forefront of its election campaign.

Where is Alistair Darling?

In my view, he's been MIA over the course of this campaign. OKy, he's delivered a speech or two, garnering some headlines. But shouldn't he have been at every Labour press conference, sitting beside Peter Mandelson, exuding calm and confidence? Defending and promoting Labour's record on the economy and reminding voters of the importance of judgement?

ComRes polls show Darling is more respected and trusted on economic issues than his Tory shadow, George Osborne. And a Financial Times survey of City types revealed that they agree with the general public, and prefer Darling to Osborne. It's no wonder he's been touted in the newspapers as Labour's next (caretaker) leader.

Darling could have been a vote-winner for Labour in this volatile campaign. It was a mistake to hold him back.

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