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Is Fraser Nelson the "Sarah Palin" of the Tory party?

Or is that a little unfair on Palin?

The Indie's John Rentoul sees a Paline-style streak in the editor of the Spectator.


UPDATE: My colleague Daniel Trilling points me in the direction of an out-and-out Sarah Palin/Tea Party supporter over at the Speccie -- the one and only Melanie Phillips. Here's Mel's take:

The key point about Palin and the "Tea-Party" movement is the challenge these are flinging down represent to the political establishment, Republican as well as Democrat, conservative as well as liberal [sic]. What Palin articulates -- the reason for her appeal and for the strength of the "Tea-Party movement" -- is the "core" conservative agenda that not just Democrats but also Republicans to at least some extent appear to have lost sight of.

In Britain, that core conservative agenda of defending life, liberty and social order (which in turn offers the best chance of success in the pursuit of happiness) is scorned not just by Labour but by the "Red Tory"/Blue Labour "hopey-changey" Cameroons. "Core conservative" voters, currently scorned and abandoned by the Conservative Party, are in despair over the non-choice on offer to them at the forthcoming election.

Britain needs its own "Tea-Party" movement to challenge the whole dopey-changey thing here, too.

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