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Vote Blue, Go Green?

Not quite . . .

The Independent, on its front cover, highlights a new report by leading scientists suggesting that the world is now firmly on course for the worst-case scenario for climate change, with average global temperatures rising by up to 6º by the end of the century.

Meanwhile, the Left Foot Forward blog points out that the Tory MEP Roger Helmer is hosting a conference for climate change sceptics and deniers in Brussels.

Great timing, eh?

Tory apologists might argue that Helmer is a maverick MEP and unrepresentative of Cameron's parliamentary Conservative party. Perhaps. But here is ConservativeHome's Tim Montgomerie, speaking at a Fabian fringe meeting in Brighton:

I don't think the parliamentary party or the grass roots are convinced about climate change . . . As someone who is very sceptical about what we can do about climate change, I think keeping the lights on will prevail", he said. ConservativeHome members survey found that 86 per cent of readers agreed with the statement that "Within the next few years the average voter will be much more worried about the cost and availability of energy than they'll be worried about climate change.

The cover story in the latest issue of the New Statesman names the "green heroes and villains" -- including a villainous senior cabinet minister (but, happily for the Tory trolls, no members of the shadow cabinet). You can have your say here.


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