Tories attacking schools and public services

Hang Bitch returns with a worrying report of life is really like under Cameron's Tories

It's almost a year since the Tories won Hammersmith and Fulham Council, and their hardline approach to cuts and public services has generated a level of protest that the borough hasn't seen for years. Schools and services have been threatened, and staff have jumped ship in droves.

Now, the council is eyeing the voluntary sector. The council argues that it's not cutting funding - merely 'reprioritising' it. Its opponents say the council is targeting local voluntary groups that work with ethnic communities. They also say the council has got it in for the Hammersmith Law Centre - a group of 12 lawyers which is easily the council's intellectual superior and has been the legal brains behind the voluntary sector in Hammersmith for nearly 30 years. The centre is due to lose 60% of its funding. Several hundred furious voluntary sector representatives recently shouted the council's cabinet out of a meeting that was due to vote on voluntary funding.

The The Hang Bitch site will continue to post interviews and photos from Hammersmith and Fulham over the next few months, as people in Hammersmith explain what life with the Tories is really like in the Cameron era.

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