Why I'm hooked on Mad Men

If you only watch one thing this year, watch this.

Cambridge. Grimsby. Hull. High Wycombe. Yep, this week has been like a pretty badly-planned caravan holiday. The final and probably best-attended of the four stop-offs is tonight and I will be setting off shortly. I don't know if there'll be an opportunity to blog, so just in case, here's this.

Just started watching Mad Men. People have been recommending it to me for about the last hundred years, same as The West Wing and all these other well-made American dramas with 1,200 episodes per season. Since I'm so far behind already, I've not had the courage to make a start, especially what with my TV-watching time ration being about an hour a week maximum, and me being addicted to The Apprentice and all, and also having football to keep up with, etc.

But anyway, Mad Men is really good. Everyone was right.

So is there anything else I should DEFINITELY be watching? Assume I've got space for, maybe, one more big heavy American (or for that matter British) series in my life. The Wire? Everyone seems to love it. Or should I go back and finish the Sopranos (only saw about half of it at the time)? Or something else? Or can I safely miss everything because it's only telly? You tell me. As I say, time is very tight. So I'm talking essentials, here.

(And yes I know The Apprentice is a reality show and probably not essential, but I do love it. Sorry.)

This post originally appeared on Mark Watson's blog.

Mark Watson is a stand-up comedian and novelist. His most recent book, Crap at the Environment, follows his own efforts to halve his carbon footprint over one year.