The desperation of Julian Assange

Complainants of rape and sexual assault have rights too.

Julian Assange today sought refuge in the London Embassy of Ecuador. It is reported he is seeking political asylum.

Assange is, of course, entitled to assert whatever legal rights he has in resisting extradition to Sweden to answer serious allegations of rape and sexual assault.

But every delay, every evasion, of Assange in answering these allegations is also a further delay in dealing with the allegations.

It appears to me that Assange’s ploy is just another desperate stunt to frustrate and circumvent due process for investigating these allegations.

The allegations of rape and sexual assault against Assange are serious, and they require answering.

There is something which should not be forgotten in all this.

Complainants of rape and sexual assault have rights too.

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange. Photograph: Getty Images

David Allen Green is legal correspondent of the New Statesman and author of the Jack of Kent blog.

His legal journalism has included popularising the Simon Singh libel case and discrediting the Julian Assange myths about his extradition case.  His uncovering of the Nightjack email hack by the Times was described as "masterly analysis" by Lord Justice Leveson.

David is also a solicitor and was successful in the "Twitterjoketrial" appeal at the High Court.

(Nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice.)

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A French newspaper prints a full-page picture of Jeremy Corbyn in his underwear (kind of)

Liberté, égalité, put it away.

The French newspaper Libération has run an editorial about Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn. But because it's France, and they're filthy over there, it has illustrated it with a big picture of a muscular, tattooed Jeremy Corbyn in skimpy white underwear. But before any of you Corbynistas lose control over your means of production, it's photoshopped.

The pictures, which also include one of Corbyn topless on a horse as Putin, looking rugged on a motorbike, and in a James Bond pose, are taken from the Twitter account, @sexyjezzacorbyn.

(h/t Tamara Cohen over at the Mail).

I'm a mole, innit.