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Five of the Best

The top five comment pieces from today's papers-on why Thought For The Day should be scrapped, the u

AN Wilson argues that instead of opening Thought For The Day up to atheists, Radio 4 should scrap "this slot of politically-correct twitter".

In the Guardian, David Blanchflower argues that cutting public spending would transform a recession into a depression. "Most of the self-proclaimed experts calling for public spending cuts missed the recession in the first place," he writes.

The Times's Daniel Finkelstein warns that by continuing to celebrate Sarah Palin, the Republican Party has cast itself as "the opposition, the angry outsider".

Max Hastings argues in the Financial Times, that Britain should relinquish Trident and consider cancelling two new aircraft-carriers in order to mount a decisive Afghanistan campaign.

The Daily Mirror's Kevin Maguire on the opportunism of a Conservative Party championing spending cuts but calling for more troops and helicopters for Afghanistan.

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