Cultural Capital podcast: Andrzej Klimowski

A conversation on Polish poster art and the nature of illustration with the Royal College of Art pro

In this episode of the Cultural Capital podcast, I talk to Andrzej Klimowski, professor of illustration at the Royal College of Art.

Born in London in 1949, Professor Klimowski studied at St Martins School of Art before enrolling at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. As well as being an important poster and book-jacket designer, he has published several graphic novels; his most recent, Robot, based on stories by Stanisław Lem, was made in collaboration with Danusia Schejbal.

We met at the Ognisko club in Kensington to discuss the influence of Henryk Tomaszewski ("He was one of the most exciting and innovative poster designers to emerge from Poland"), poster art in eastern Europe ("[It] did have a vibrant life, a street life . . . particularly strong during the communist period") and his discipline.

Cultural Capital podcast: Andrzej Klimowski

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Yo Zushi works for the New Statesman

Yo Zushi is a sub-editor of the New Statesman. His work as a musician is released by Eidola Records.

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“Minoan pendant”: a new poem by Mark Granier

“Yes – I press my nose / to the pleasantly warm glass – / it’s a copy of one I saw / cased in the cool museum”

Yes – I press my nose
to the pleasantly warm glass –
it’s a copy of one I saw
cased in the cool museum –
gold beaten to honey, a grainy
oval dollop, flanked by two
slim symmetrical bees –

garland for a civilisation’s
rise and collapse, eye-dropped
five thousand years: a flash
of evening sun on a windscreen
or wing mirror – Heraklion’s
scooter-life buzzing and humming –

as I step in to browse, become
mesmerised by the warm
dark eyes of the woman
who gives her spiel and moves
softly and with such grace,
that, after leaving, I hesitate

a moment on the pavement
then re-enter with a question
I know not to ask, but ask
anyway, to hear her voice
soften even more as she smiles
and shakes her hair – no.

Mark Granier is an Irish poet and photographer. He is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently Haunt (Salmon).

This article first appeared in the 16 June 2016 issue of the New Statesman, Britain on the brink