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The dos and don'ts of talking at gigs.

I've always taken issue with being told to be quiet. This is perhaps because it's something I'm not all that good at.

I take even greater issue with been shushed when it happens at gigs. I can understand it when someone's gob is louder than the music but I go to gigs with friends and I'd occasionally like to whisper something to them. The Barbican is an easy place to get shushed; it happened a lot during an extraordinary Bill Callahan gig this week, the strange thing being that often the shushing came at a point when no one was talking and so the shush itself was the only thing that could be heard.

I think it's a way of the shusher wanting to let everyone know that they appreciate the music more than everyone else, maybe understand it more and are perhaps, hell, a better music fan than the rest of us.

Callaghan, meanwhile, accompanied by a truly brilliant guitarist and drummer, managed to weave into a (slightly over-long) set so many sounds and textures and other worlds for you to briefly reside in that you had no desire to talk. That's how you shut someone up.

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