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Meet Dark Dark Dark, the best band in the world (for now).

During last week's radio show (its really good, you should listen) I made a rather bold and possibly extreme comment just before playing a track called "Robert". I announced in a monotone but genuine voice that I believe Dark Dark Dark, who made the record, to be the best band in the world at the moment.

I have since wandered around London for several days and laid staring at the ceiling of my bedroom for a number of evenings and come to the conclusion I was right. I know I have mentioned them before but they are currently on their second UK tour and I have seen them twice this week, to check their first tour wasn't a fluke and therefore confirm my discovery.

They are here to perform tracks from their album Wild Go and EP Bright Bright Bright, which have just been released as a double pack. I have had both of these records for nearly a year now and yet still every time I hear them I am struck dumb. If a more beautiful-sounding band ever emerges on this planet, frankly I'm not sure I want to hear them.


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